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4 Reasons Why Real Estate Trends Are Pivoting Towards Farmhouses

Sep 27, 2021
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

Owning a farmhouse sounds like a dream. Many people aspire to have a farmhouse of their own but very few were willing to take the plunge. There were many reasons for the same but things have started to change and change fast. More people are warming up to the idea of having a farmhouse. The shift has started as consumers have started to take notice of the numerous benefits of owning a farmhouse. Here are four major benefits that is attracting people to invest in a farmhouse

1) Space

People have always been drawn to open space but most people shied away from it as extra space was considered to be extra expensive. Moreover, it was also a perception that bigger the place the more difficult the maintenance. After having lived through a pandemic and managed everything by themselves, the outlook of people has changed. They are looking forward to the extra space in life. They want to invest in properties that are spacious and have plenty of open spaces with smart home concept. Farmhouses are a perfect fit in this regard. They have a lot of open space that people can use to roam around and relax.

2) Be close to the nature

It is a well researched fact that nature has a healing impact. Many people are now starting to be cognisant of this fact and making efforts to get close to nature and perfect for holiday home. A farmhouse is a great way to get close and reconnect with nature, to wake up to the sounds of the chirping birds and walking bare feet in the soil.

3) Eat Fresh

People have started to resort to clean eating. The going organic trend has been in for a while and people have started to be more mindful of what they are eating. When you have a farmhouse, you can eat what you grow, so it is as fresh as it can get.

4) Great investment

Real estate has been considered to be the best source of great investment for a long time. A farmhouse is no different. The biggest difference in this case is that it is not just a sound investment for people looking for good returns but also for those looking to have a get-away place. 

Since people are looking for second home option Farmhouses in North Goa also gaining traction.

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