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5 Cost-Effective Design And Decoration Ideas for A Rental

Jul 16, 2022
| By: Rahul Singh

Most people feel that it is a waste of time and effort to decorate the rental. However, if you are planning to stay in a place for a little more than a few days, then it is a good idea to implement some simple design ideas to make it feel a lot more like home. Axis Ecorp has premium second homes in Borth of Goa. You can choose from a villa, smart suite, or apartments. All of them are aesthetically done and follow neutral design tones. The interiors of Axis Blues are subtle and defined. Axis Yog Villas, on the other hand, is royal and plush. With Axis Lake City, the individuals have the option to customize the interiors their way. 

While these are done keeping in today's generation, some people may want to give it a personal touch. Even if you are renting these properties, then too there are some interesting nifty ways to provide it with your personal touch. We are sharing here some simple decorations ideas that do not cost a bomb and can be easily installed even in rentals. 

Here Are Five Tips to Liven Up the Atmosphere

1) Add A Little Dash of Green 

Plants have a positive impact on any space. Having some small plants inside the house not only makes the place come alive but also makes the atmosphere lively. You can invest in some not so expensive good, looking pots and have a few indoor plants at key places. 

2) Floor Texture 

Most luxury homes come with designer Italian marble. However, one might want to add a few more textures and colors to the same. One easy and cost-effective way to include all this is via rugs. You can experiment a bit and try a few textures and pick whatever you feel goes with your vibe.  

3) Liven Up Your Bedroom

The impact of comfortable, soft, coordinated bed sheets is understated. You should invest in good quality linen that not only enhances the room's aesthetics but also livens up the room and makes your sleep more comfortable. 

Are you confused about whether you should go with the existing color scheme or use a mix and match style? You can try both. Sometimes, the mix and match styling help in accentuating the area around the bedroom. Rather than sticking to the age-old formulas, it is always good to go with the colors that you find soothing and bring you peace. 

4) There Is Always Room for Art

Invest in some art pieces that can make you feel a lot more at home. You don't necessarily have to shell out a considerable chunk of money. The idea should always be to pick local things that look good, match the overall theme of the house, match your personality and enhances the value of the room. If you have the artistic bend, hanging your pieces or the cute little paintings by the little ones on the kitchen fridge and the other common areas can also be a good, pocket-friendly way of customizing the home. 

5) Elevate the Smell 

Most people focus only on the design and the visual elements. Still, the smell can play a significant role in improving the overall mood of the house or a room. Investing in scented candles is a good bet. They not only look nice but can add fragrance to your home. If you want to add more fragrance or looking for something stronger, then investing in an electric infuser is recommended. 

We hope that you do visit the properties by Axis Ecorp. Strategically located, this is an ideal place for a second home. They are also a perfect investment for people looking to invest in real estate in Goa and offer handsome rental returns. 

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