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Be a Smart Investor. Invest in an Under-Construction Villa

Aug 16, 2021
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

The Indian real estate space has evolved a lot in the past few years. The luxury space is shaping in a big way. A lot of people are looking to invest in a Villa. Whether it is a sea-side Villa in the heart of Goa or one in the outskirts of the city, each of them has its own charm. They are comfortable, spacious, and wholesome.

The demand for Villas has catapulted in the last few years. Many people are now looking to invest in a villa due to the obvious advantages that it offers. However, investing in villas in goa is a heavy investment. Hence it is always advisable to invest in a villa that is under construction. Here are some of the benefits that you get from buying a villa that is still under construction.

1.       Better rate of Investment

This is the biggest advantage to opt for a property that is under construction. The property that is under construction has a better chance of escalation and thus yields a better return on investment. There is a chance of appreciation even in ready to move property too but usually, the rate of increase is not as much and thus the returns are not as handsome.


2.       Pocket Friendly

Under construction properties are lighter on the pockets than the ready to move ones. This holds true even in the case of a Villa. An under construction property in the same location, locality, and by the same real estate developer will cost 10-30 percent less than a ready to move in. While for under construction property, you will have to wait till the property is ready to shift in but the price difference surely makes it worth the wait.


3.     Flexible Payment Schedules


When you opt for a villa that is under construction, then there are chances that the builder will offer you options to pay the amount in instalments rather than in one go. Most under construction projects in India have a construction liked payment plan. The buyer has to pay a certain percentage at the time of booking and then another chunk when the building is ready and so on. There are many options that you can consider and these can be negotiated with the builder or developer to arrive at the plan that suits the best.


4.     Scope for Customisation


Another big advantage to opt for a project that is still in development is that there is a scope for customisation. If there is something that you don’t like or if there is something specific that you want, you can communicate to the builder and get it incorporated. It is cheaper to accommodate changes while the building is being constructed than doing it post-completion. Making changes in a ready building often means breaking or removing something from the current scheme of things and then doing it all over again.


5.     Low Cost of Maintenance


When you opt for an under construction villa, then you move into a brand new property as soon as it is completed. This necessarily means that you will get to enjoy the latest trends, facilities and face no maintenance issues for a long time to come.


6.     Wider Choice


When you are out in the market to buy a villa, there are limited ready to move inventory with the builders. However, when you expand the search to include properties that are still being constructed, you have more choices. Given that Villas are an upcoming trend, there are many builders that are looking to cater to the demand now. Most of these projects are in various stages and you can choose a project that you like the most.


If Villa is that you have your heart on, then Axis Ecorp too has an upcoming project that might interest you. Axis Yog Villas is a state-of-the-art project that is taking shape in North of Goa. It is packed with all the modern features and amenities that you would want from a home. Surrounded by lush greenery it is a perfect home away from home and you get your own personal swimming pool to unwind when you want.


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