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Changing Design Landscape in Real Estate

Dec 21, 2021
| By: Rahul Singh

The only thing constant in the world is change. Keeping pace with the changing times and changing lifestyles, the design trends have also evolved many folds. When it comes to buying a second home, homebuyers are looking for a more spacious abode, which is ideal for their family. The demand for a holiday home is also on a rise given the shift in consumer behaviour.

The Villa lifestyle

The demand for Villas has shot up significantly in the last couple of years. People who are looking for a spacious house are keen to explore Villas as an option. Earlier it was perceived that Villa will be expensive, out of budget and difficult to maintain. The mindset has now changed.

Apart from the space, the other features that people are expecting in their second home are better connectivity to accommodate their work from home lifestyle. Homebuyers are also demanding lavish & plush interiors and exteriors, a swimming pool and ample storage space in their villas.

While the category has seen an upswing all over the country but Villas in Goa are extremely sought after.  Villas in Goa not only offer all the factors that homebuyers are looking for but also an ideal choice in terms of destination.

Axis Ecorp’s Axis Yog Villas is the hottest property for sale in North of Goa. Set in the north of Goa, it offers a perfect blend of modern and comfortable lifestyle. With Axis Yog Villas, homebuyers get to enjoy all the perks of villa life. They also get to be close to nature and enjoy the views of the most amazing virgin beaches and nature treks. These villas are designed keeping in mind today’s generation and thus it offers all the features that one can hope from a modern home. The interiors are tastefully done keeping the current trends in mind.

Focus on tech

While space and luxury are two things that are at the top of the mind for homebuyers, they are also looking for convenience. Smart automation features that can make their lives simpler are something that people are seeking in their next home. The houses that are being constructed are offering features such as automated temperature settings and lighting controls to meet the demands of the consumers.

The increasing popularity of voice-activated assistants also reflects the growing interest in smart home technology. Over the last few years, the usage of Alexa, Siri, and Google Home assistants has increased and people are using them to control the lights, switches, TV, music system and even to lock or unlock their gates and doors. When buying a new second home, some homebuyers don’t mind paying a slight premium for all these new-age features.

Inside out

People have started to experiment a lot in terms of interiors. Things that were considered impractical a few years ago are ruling the trend charts. Rather than going for a colour-coordinated look, people are trying to mix things up and have a dual colour scheme for their walls. Similarly, wall prints and wall art concepts are also on the rise. There are very players that offer the flexibility to tweak the interiors and exterior as per the demand of the user. To cater to these customers, Axis Ecorp has recently launched Axis Lake City. Under this project, the homebuyers can customise the house to the last detail. In addition to it, they get the same quality that Axis Ecorp is known for in all its projects like Axis Blues, Axis Yog Villas and many more. 

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