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How Goa’s Holiday Homes Have Survived the Pandemic

Apr 15, 2022

Having a second home means different things to different people, perhaps even more so in Goa. For many, the sunshine state with its endless beaches, resorts, and beachside shacks is perfect place to relax and unwind. It is known for its endless parties and majestic music festivals. It is also known as the place where one goes to find themselves. Goa has always been a sacred haven for people not just from India but all across the world. It is where people like to escapes when the city life gets too overwhelming.

The Outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, various sectors of the global economy experienced a shift. As in other countries, Indian macro indicators, that were once deemed the fastest, also succumbed to the deluge of aftermath caused by the pandemic.

Not even the most vibrant sector, real estate, was spared. However, there is one segment within the real estate sector, ‘holiday homes,’ that remains defiant despite these ruthless attacks. After the COVID-19 crisis, the market is buzzing with activity as people adjust to the new normal.

Always a well-favoured tourist destination, Goa, has been a sweet spot for the holiday homes or second homes for working individuals looking for better rental yields since time immemorial. These second homes can also provide for luxury living for the tourists which is usually craved by high net-worth individuals. Moreover, according to industry experts, with ‘work from home’ gaining popularity, many people are seriously considering moving away from crowded cities to the arms of the nature and finding their comfort spot in the luxurious holiday homes.

Axis Ecorp, which is one of the reputed real estate developers in Goa is offering a range of holiday homes in this region. Whether it is a plot, serviced apartment, or a villa, they have something for everyone.

The state of Goa can be reached by road, rail, or air. It has a pleasant weather all year round and every season has its own charm. Most people feel that monsoons are a bad time to travel but Goa transforms during this season. In sync with that these holiday homes take on a completely different aesthetic during the monsoon. Winter is the most popular time to visit Goa.

Usually, people travelling to Goa prefer holiday homes because they are comparatively more economical than high-cost hotel rooms. In a hotel, an individual is assigned a fixed room with some in-room amenities. Renting or staying in a holiday home, however, gives one access to the whole house, as well as all of its amenities, in a convenient location of one’s choice. Since the holiday home offers complete privacy and seclusion, the tourist feels relaxed and at ease.

On the other hand, in a recent survey it was revealed that around 68 per cent of Indian travellers took workcations last year, a significantly higher number than in previous years. Unlike earlier, most work meetings, interviews and group projects are happening online, and that too smoothly. Therefore, it can be safe to assume that workcations are here to stay for the time being.

In view of the situation, one of India’s fastest growing real estate companies, Axis Ecorp aims to provide efficient service to the customers. Inspired by European designs, the Axis Yog Villas in Goa offers a wide range of premium services such as a concierge desk, 24/7 housekeeping and end-to-end property management for vacationers to feel like they are at their dream home.

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