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Jun 08, 2020

What does these two words Vastu Shastra means? Vastu means “Dwelling” and the Shastra means “Science of Architecture”. It was more than science for ancient India.
Vastu Shastra is an ancient scripture and it has some scientific basis. It says with which direction the wind blows which direction the cosmic energies are moving and if the door and window is towards east or north direction then how it is beneficial. It is mostly focused on technical information applicable on field or site.

Vastu Shastra specifies Direction, Materials, Natural elements, Colors, Surrounding atmosphere, Flora & Fauna. Here we will discuss on 10 important Vastu Shastra tips for the kitchen. Kitchen is very important where food is cooked which we eat for energy and vitality and it is the main entrance for the flow of positive energy in the entire home. They are-

Tip 1
According to Vastu best location for the kitchen is South-East (SE) and 2nd best location is North-west (NW).

Tip 2
Location for Gas stove or any electrical items must be in South-East (SE) or in East.

Tip 3
Drinking water storage is best kept in North-East (NE) or North.

Tip 4
Kitchen entrance must not be in South-West (SW) portion of the kitchen.

Avoid North-East (NE) portion for storage, locate it in South-West (SW) in the kitchen.

Tip 6
Don’t keep unwashed utensils in the kitchen for the whole night.

Tip 7
Use curtain on kitchen entrance.

Tip 8
Never keep any idols in the kitchen.

Tip 9
Always keep clean to the kitchen.

Tip 10
While cooking, should not face in South or South-West (SW) direction

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