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Increase Your Monthly Income by Adding another Source - Rental Income

May 28, 2021
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

Every middle-class Indian person is always on the lookout for options that will help him in getting better returns on his/her investments. We have a zillion things on our bucket list and only one source of income. In times like this, most of us wonder if we can add another source of income that can provide steady returns and even come in handy after we retire.

This is where investment in real estate can come in handy. By investing in real estate one does not just get a dependable tangible asset but also have an option to earn rental income.

Advantages Of Opting For Rental Income Are:

You Are In Charge: In case you are thinking of investment, then property is the right choice for you.  Irrespective of the market scenario, there isn’t much fluctuations in rental income. The biggest testimonial to this is that even during pandemic, the rent that people were drawing has not changed much.

Income in Your Pocket:  This is a steady income that gets accrued to you at the start of every month. You can use this to invest in other instruments or use it knock off a few desires of your bucket list.

In Case Of Generating More Income From Property, You Need To Keep Certain Things In Mind:

Keep track of the rental income that you are expecting. In case you are thinking of investing in any property, it is suggested you calculate whether the amount you are spending in buying the property will give the kind of return you are expecting. The rental income always varies from place to place. Other factors such as population of the area, proximity to market, nature, airport etc are also important considerations.

Property cost: The complete rent of your property will not be in your pocket, as you need to spend some amount as well. The owner of the property needs to maintain the building that is offered for rent. So be mindful of these expenses.

Occupancy rent: There is a possibility that your house may not be occupied for the entire year. It might be possible that you may get a tenant for only 10 months and the place remains unoccupied for the rest of the time of the year. So, you need to do plan your income accordingly.

However, in case you invest in a property like Axis Yog Villas, renting it out is a hassle free option. It also serves as a holiday home that you can use to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. It can prove to be your go to place whenever you need to take downtime. When not in use, the house can be given out to rent and it can help you generate a steady income that you can count on.

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