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Leave the City Behind—Live the Work from Home (WFH) Dream in Goa

Feb 16, 2021
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

Living in big cities has always been exciting—there are more job opportunities, more places to eat out at, a better standard of living, and an exhilarating life pace. However, the global pandemic has brought about a lot of changes. Living in the time of Covid-19 has neutralised many of the benefits that big city living typically offers. Making the shift to a greener, cleaner, and quieter location has become a real possibility.

WFH – Flexibility or Confinement?

In the past, work-from-home (WFH) was a far-fetched dream for most people. It was considered a privilege to be used only in exceptional circumstances. Today, WFH has become a reality in the country and across the globe. However, the once-happy idea of WFH has become a confining one.

Being required to limit interactions with others and staying confined at home has made people rethink the physical space they are living in. City-living has its own set of challenges, even without the pandemic's limitations, such as high rent, small rooms, and the view of a concrete jungle from every window. For many people, the pandemic has served as a much-needed wake-up call to what makes them happy.

The need to move to somewhere greener and leave the city behind has gained much prominence in the last year or so. The pandemic has led to a reassessment of priorities, and real estate trends are reflecting this. There is a visible shift from city-living to quieter and greener lives in sylvan retreats across the country.

Living the Dream in Goa

Affordability, a slower pace of life, and incredible natural beauty have made Noth of Goa one of the most sought-after places to move to in India. Instead of being cooped up within four walls in the city, leaving the hustle and bustle behind to embrace Goa's peace and beauty is a smarter solution. Remote working means that you can enjoy a detoxifying break from city life and work while being nestled in the lap of nature.

Premium projects like Axis Yog Villas in Dodamarg, North of Goa by Axis Ecorp have grabbed the popular imagination. Designed to be more than just second homes, Axis Yog Villas is a premium project with fully-serviced smart villas for you to make your WFH base or rent out as you please. Along with panoramic views of the mountains, lush greenery, and clean air, Axis Yog Villas also offer sprawling living spaces, 24/7 housekeeping, and modern luxury features like private pools and gardens—everything you need for a city detox and more. 

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