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Pandemic Impact - Increasing Demand For Luxury Second Homes

Jun 01, 2021
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live. Work-from-home (WFH) setups have become common, vacations have turned into distant dreams, and travel bans have become a painful reality. The impact of the pandemic is evident in every walk of life—from the masks people wear to where they are investing their money. The demand for luxury second homes is seeing a dramatic rise in 2021 with people investing in private holiday homes in places like Goa.

Buying property in holiday destinations

Typically, Indian families work hard through the year and plan a few annual holidays to get away from the daily grind. The pandemic has impacted this routine holiday planning because there is growing uncertainty about travel conditions and potential lockdowns due to COVID-19. In the past, people invested in second homes as an investment, for rental income, for weekend holidays, or to create a retirement haven. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed these priorities.

The driving factor behind the rising demand for luxury holiday homes is the need for safer, greener, and larger spaces where one could maintain social distancing in relative comfort and luxury. Instead of being cooped up in an urban concrete jungle, buying a second home at a peaceful holiday destination like Goa has emerged as a sought-after option.

Amenities and peace of mind

As the temperature soars, most people head to the nearest pool or beach. With the pandemic, even splashing around in a pool is fraught with peril. Most public pools and hotel properties are restricted because maintaining social distancing norms at the pool area is difficult.

Simple pleasures like walking in the garden have also become inaccessible to most people. This has led to a distinct uptick in the demand for luxury second homes and villas with a private pool and garden area so you can enjoy your favourite activities in a safe and smart way.

Quality projects like Axis Yog Villas in Dodamarg, Goa by Axis Ecorp offer sprawling villas surrounded by lush greenery, top-notch amenities like private pools and gardens, 24/7 housekeeping services, and a concierge desk to take care of every need a homeowner could have. With clean air, sustainable living standards, large spaces, and smart management options, Axis Yog Villas presents a viable solution to every problem that the pandemic has thrown up. Not only can you escape to your second home to enjoy the privacy, safety, and luxury it offers, but you can also rent it out to fellow travellers when not in personal use.

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