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Perks Of Settling Down and Living in Darjeeling

Jun 13, 2022
| By: Rahul Singh

Would you believe if we say that there is magic in the air of Darjeeling? However, it is true. Anyone who has visited the place will vouch for the fact. Most people who have been to the place want to keep coming back but have lots of questions about staying here for a long time. 


1) Staying on the slopes of the Himalayas


The first advantage of living in Darjeeling is that you can stay in between the gigantic mountains and marvel at their emerald green cover daily. Coming from the cities, it seems that the time has almost stopped here. No one is in any kind of rush. People around are enjoying the present moment, and even you feel like letting your hair down and being one with nature.


2) No language barrier


The common perception is that only Bengali, and Nepali are spoken here. While most people converse in their native tongue but a majority of the people, especially the younger lot, are well-versed with Hindi. Given the inflow of tourists, some of them are even can speak English fluently. Therefore, one does not feel out of place and can easily communicate with the locals. Darjeeling also preserves its old-world charm, and most people in the place are incredibly hospitable and friendly. 


3) Live pollution-free


Darjeeling is known for its natural beauty. The place is beautiful more than you have ever heard or imagined. The views of the mountains are breathtaking. Moreover, every day the sky picks up another shade, and the mountains look different, making each day unique and an experience in itself. At the same time, there is no pollution and dust. Hence your lungs are filled with clean air, and you can live here free of pollution. 


4) Weather


Darjeeling is pleasant. The weather here is fantastic throughout the year, even in the months of scorching heat. It does get chilly in the winters, but still, it is a perfect place for people who are not a fan of the summer months. They can enjoy fresh tea from the tea gardens all year round. In the monsoon months, the clear streams and the greenery shine even brighter. 


5) No room for boredom


Darjeeling is known to be quaint, and preserving it is the old-world charm. However, that does not mean that people who live here will die of boredom. There is something for everyone to do here. There is something to do all day from the evening stroll in the tea gardens to watching the sunrise from between the mountains. There are also some exciting cafes and local markets that are bustling with energy. The adventure junkies can indulge in trekking or going river rafting. 


Darjeeling sure is full of surprises and a place that has a lot to offer. If you, too, are looking to make Darjeeling your forever home or invest in a second home in this heaven, then Axis Ecorp is coming out with its flagship project Axis KNCZ. Nestled in the mountains, Axis KNCZ will offer you an experience like never before. You will be able to enjoy a perfect stay in the hills along with the comforts that you are used to. So don’t waste your time and inquire about Axis KNCZ today. 

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