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Property or Gold: Which is Better from an Investment Perspective?

May 02, 2022
| By: Rahul Singh

Indians have always had an investment perspective. We always like to save for the rainy day rather than spending all our earnings. This mindset has been ingrained in us right from our childhood and we are always looking at the best investment instrument. Most people wonder whether they should invest in Gold or real estate to get better returns. However, one must realise that they are both good options but one has to consider a lot of other factors as well such as need, purpose, returns and so on.

Traditionally, people preferred to invest in Gold. In many Indian households, it is considered auspicious to buy Gold. There are numerous occasions such as Akshay Tritiya and Dhanteras where it is considered auspicious to buy Gold. These days, some people buy something in gold as they feel it will bring in good luck and prosperity. Another advantage with Gold is that you can be flexible with the investment amount. Gold is also known to have low volatility and tends to move faster when the stocks are underperforming.

Real estate is also a preferred investment option and has been for centuries. With real estate there is a prestige that is attached. People in India still pay a lot of emphasis on having a house of their own, whenever they can afford one. As an investment option, it has the potential to generate regular monthly income in the form of rental yields. People can also enjoy price appreciation on the property over a period of time. There are also certain tax benefits that one can now avail when investing in real estate.

In comparison to Gold, real estate is considered to be less risky. It is also a stable investment that continues to give returns and can be passed on from one generation to another.

In the past few years, there is a good demand for people wanting to invest in real estate. People are on the lookout for properties that offer a complete lifestyle package. If you too are looking to invest in a property that offers all the modern-day amenities and is a complete upgrade, then look no further. Axis Ecorp has you covered with its Axis Lake City, Axis Yog Villas and Axis Blues. If you are looking for Villas in the heart of Goa, then Axis Yog Villas through its uber-luxurious villas is the place that you must check out.

With Axis Lake City, the company is offering users the flexibility to construct their homes their way. It will have the same trust and quality craftsmanship that Axis Ecorp is known for. Since these projects are located in the tourism capital of the country, they can be easily rented when not in use. These projects are serviced by the experts, which means that you never have to worry about the maintenance of these houses. 

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