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Real Estate Investment Game-Changers

Jun 11, 2021
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

Who wouldn’t like something extra? Whether you are purchasing a new car or a high-ticket item like a house, it is understandable to want an attractive deal, discounts, and freebies. Real estate developers have stepped up to the plate to offer cash discounts, charge waivers, freebies, subvention schemes, and pre-leased options for residential properties, especially under-construction homes.  

The attractive schemes offered by real estate developers are major influencers that have the power to sway the customer. Basically, these deals fall under two categories—discounts, waivers, and freebies, and property payment plans.

Discounts, waivers, and freebies

Such offers involve cutting the price of existing items to make the deal more attractive. This includes providing cash discounts at the time of buy-in and waiving of charges for membership to the club house, etc.

In residential properties, freebies typically include smart home gadgets and modular kitchens. Some real estate developers also sweeten the deal with freebies like a car.

Property payment plans

When it came to buying under-construction properties, down payment was the only property payment plan available. Down payment involved paying 10-15% at booking, 80-90% within the next 45-60 days, and the rest at possession. Today, real estate developers are offering many types of payment plans linked to construction or the passage of time.

Subvention schemes are property payment plans that allow you to pay a low initial payment of 5-20% of the value of the property while the rest of the amount is only due at possession.

For under-construction properties, finding a pre-leased option is a major influencer for real estate investment. A pre-rented or pre-leased property is one that already has a tenant so the homeowner can earn returns and rental income from day one without even having to wait for possession.

Interest schemes enable home buyers to save on their interest amount by allowing for staggered payments with interest rates kicking in at a later date.

EPR or Early Payment Rebate is an innovative plan that is driving real estate investment. In an EPR construction-linked plan like that offered by Axis ECorp’s Axis Yog Villas in North Goa, real estate investors can avail of monthly discounts as they are making periodic payments.

The best deal for you is not the noisiest one with a lot of bells and whistles; it is the one that meets your personal financial requirements. With Axis Yog Villas, not only do homeowners get the benefits of a centralised concierge and housekeeping services, but they also stand to gain from Yog Villas rental management and pre-leasing services. The EPR property payment plan is the cherry on the cake with early payment rebates, construction-linked payments, and monthly discounts. Get the best of all worlds with Axis Yog Villas.

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