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Retail is not dead, boring retail is dead

October 04, 2023

The retail business has come a long way. Many believed that retail is dead, and these conversations are now resurfacing after the pandemic. During the pandemic, a lot more people got to experience online retail for the first time. They realised how convenient it was to order and the choices they had, and they could do everything in the comfort of their home. It was believed that many people would find it hard to go back to the old methods and physical retail stores after this. However, the trends have defined that this is not to be the case so. Sales in brick-and-mortar stores have been witnessing upward trends since 2021.

As soon as the pandemic waves faded, there was a strong uptick in sales, and the stores have been increasing their presence. Offline retailers have been leasing more space than ever before. As per CBRE, 3.2 million square feet (msf) of warehousing space was leased in the year 2022.

All these trends have highlighted an age old saying - Retail is not dead but boring retail is! Cathy Sparks, VP of Nike had made this statement and it is more relevant i toda’s time than ever before. People that are coming to brick and mortar stroes are coming for an experience. If retailers continue to adopt the age old methods that were relevant, they might find their customer base shrinking or people not willing to spend in their stores. However, if they look at new age ways to entice customers and give them a never before experience, then not only will they have higher sales but will also be able to secure repeat customers.

Location, continues to be an important element for retail business. Axis Ecrop, which is a trusted and reputed real estate developer and known for its second homes and holiday homes have an interesting proposition for people looking to invest in retails space. Right at the heart of its township, they have Axis Lake City Plaza, which is a conveniently located retail space. The space has been developed with the modern retail aspects in mind, so that the retailers are able to proved world-class experience to the customers.

The location is also great as it is very close to the newly opened MOPA airport. Also all the existing Axis Ecorp properties such as Axis Blues, Axis Lake City and Axis Yog Villas are withing walking distance.

Axis Lake City Plaza will not just offer a breathtaking view, a big parking and a great retail experience but also have the best gourmet food stalls from across the world to offer a wholistic experience to all shoppers. For all contemplating investing in a retail venture and want to make a difference with the same should check out Axis Lake City Plaza today.

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