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Service Villa: The Smart Choice for Every Homebuyer

Jul 12, 2021
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

Think Villa and people start worrying about its maintenance. Large spaces are harder to maintain and one needs extra hands to make sure that all the nooks and corners are clean and well maintained. This is one of the major deterrents for people to go for a villa.

Service Villa to the Rescue

Cut to the concept of a service villa. Service villas or service homes are the ones where you have an expert agency on board to help with the overall upkeep of the house or a villa. These are a bunch of professionals that are entrusted with the task of maintaining your villa for you and charge a fixed sum on a monthly basis. So they take over all your concerns and hassles that come with maintaining a villa so that you can peacefully enjoy the extra space and luxurious lifestyle. Since these people are professionals, it is thus a no brainer to trust them to do a good job while you get to use your time and energy on other things.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing the housekeeping to experts is that one does not have to oversee while the experts do their thing. In fact, you could be in some other state or country and the housekeeping staff will maintain the villa just as few even in your absence. It also cuts down the time and energy one would spend on finding the cleaning staff and then training them, not to forget the tantrums that the maids throw.

Cost Effective Maintenance

It is a common misconception that if you opt for a service villa means then your monthly expenses will skyrocket. These claims have no basis. When going in for a serviced villa, you will have one agency or contractor to take care of all your needs and not dependent on one person or a bunch of untrained people to help you with the task. In the long run, this would be more cost effective than hiring people in an ad hoc manner to suit your needs.

Better Rental Yield and Resale Value

Service Villas end up being better maintained than the ones that are not. It also helps in positioning them in the premium category and hence the buyers can get a better appreciation and resale value. In addition, if the owner would want to rent out these villas, they even stand to get a better rent from properties that are managed.

Another big advantage of owning a serviced villa is that if the homeowners want to rent it out, these are easier to rent out for commercial use. luxury Villas in north goa are a trending property and there are many takers for the same on the likes of Airbnb. The homeowners can thus rent these out effortlessly when they are not occupied. So not only these villas fetch higher rent but are it is easier to find tenants for these properties, making them a smart choice for every smart homebuyer. 

Keeping this segment in mind, Axis Ecorp has recently launched Axis Yog Villas. There are serviced villas that offer the best of services that you can ask and at an affordable price.

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