Property encroachment or illegal occupation is something that almost all of the absentee owners generally suffer from that. The reason is pretty obvious because owners are not there. We can see the complaint of hundreds of cases of illegal occupation registered on the court. So, you must always be aware of how you can make the villa safe from encroachment.

Here we listed some valuable tips that help to understand to keep your villa or property safe from illegal occupation-

•Check and updated your all required documents relating to booking of the Villa or any property.
•Before putting anyone in your villa or property, you must make a proper legal contract defining his status so that the situation of illegal occupation doesn’t happen.
• If someone has encroached your villa, do not take time to report it immediately to the police.
• If you are not living in villa, do not leave it unoccupied for a long time, just rent it out.
• Hiring caretaker is a great option, if you can’t visit frequently to check your villa.
• Construct a boundary wall to avoid illegal construction in your property.

Hope these tips or suggestions will help you to understand to keep villa or property safe from encroachment. Axis Yog Villas is a leading real estate developer in Goa which offers modern and well furnished Villas, Suites and Resorts along with all the required papers and legal documentation.