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What is A Holiday Home, and Why Do You Need One?

Mar 14, 2023
| By: Aditya Kushwaha

If you are planning to invest in real estate, you may likely come across the term “Holiday Home”. In simple terms, it refers to the homes that people keep to spend their holidays. Most people prefer Top Holiday homes to be near a tourist place, mostly a city or town they often visit. It is usually in a different city that they live in.

Some travellers like to explore new places and set new sail; others want to go to known places to rewind and relax. Holiday homes make perfect sense for the second type of people. They not only go to a familiar place but a friendly accommodation. They don’t have to book a new hotel whenever they visit or deal with fluctuating rates. Also, most popular properties tend to fill up quickly during the peak holiday season. Having a holiday home also means you no longer have to deal with this disappointment. 

Holiday Homes were a common term in the west and started to gain traction in India too. However, in popularity soared in the post-pandemic phase. 

As hygiene and well-being became paramount, people wanted to travel but to places where they could control sanitation. They also wanted to avoid common areas. Now that COVID-19 is a thing of the past, people still are bracing the term with open arms. The main reason is the convenience that it offers.  

Most people continue to work in hybrid mode. They thus can take off to their holiday home whenever the weather conditions become harsh. It is also a getaway home where they can go for a better work-life balance. Another great advantage of a holiday home is that it can be rented when not in use.

Many apps offer landowners the option to provide their holiday homes on rent. These apps offer a lot of flexibility in terms of tenure. So a homeowner can give the house on rent for anything between 1 day to 45 days based on terms listed by the app. 

In India, Goa is one of the most popular destinations for holiday homes. If you, too, are looking for a holiday home and Goa seems to be an enticing location, then you need to check out Top holiday homes by Axis Ecorp. Known for its quality, service and timely delivery Axis Ecorp has emerged as the top builder in the region. Its Axis Blues project was sold out during the peak pandemic period. It now has limited units for its Axis Yog Villas and Axis Lake City. People looking for a holiday home should make the most of this opportunity and book their holiday home today.

Another big advantage that Axis Ecorp offers above others is that all the properties it provides are fully serviced. This means that the homeowners have to pick up their bags and reach there, and they are all set for another memorable. Additionally, the service component helps them fetch better rental income and better property maintenance.


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