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Why Are Smarter Homes the Future of Indian Real Estate?

Feb 21, 2022
| By: Rahul Singh

The Indian real estate has come a long way. It has weathered many trends and seen many ups and downs. The latest trend that has been a big conversation point is the emergence of smart homes. After the smartphone revolution, people have been looking for all kinds of smarter gadgets. So we saw our TV transform into smart TV and then came the Smart robots, and it seems that now is the time for smart homes.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has made things much simpler and convenient for us. Therefore, this transition from a normal home to a smart home seems like an evolution and not a drastic change.

In India, the home automation market has seen a steady jump. The industry was valued at Rs. 90.15 billion in 2019, and is expected to touch a whopping Rs. 500 billion market by 2030. For this to be a reality, home automation has to become a reality in existing homes as well as new projects. This is a stellar opportunity to capitalise on the luxury real estate developer’s fraternity. Many developers are looking at incorporating many new age features in their upcoming projects.

Axis Ecorp is one company that has always been a first adopter of any trend. It was one of the first players to estimate the potential in the holiday home segment and expand its portfolio in this direction. Given the opportunity that lies in the smart home space, the company is now incorporating the smart features in all their upcoming projects such as Axis Yog Villas, Axis KNCZ, Axis Blues, Axis Lake City and Axis Lake City Plaza.

It has been observed that millennial are now showing a great interest in home ownership. This target group was also the first generation raised around the Internet of Things (IoT). While millennials may have been the first adopters for the IoT devices but now its adoption has spread far and wide. Some of these products have become a regular part of their lives. Users can see how convenient, energy-efficient, and hassle-free our life can be with the help of smart home devices. This new generation of homeowners not only understand the benefits of a smart home but also aspire to have a home like this. To make smart homes a reality for homeowners, real estate developers have to capitalise on this interest in smart technology.

Today, potential homeowners also have higher disposable income and are prioritising easy and smart living. They are even willing to pay a premium so that they can have a home that is future ready. This need is even greater if a person is looking for a second home or a holiday home.

To cater to these needs for people, Axis Ecorp is offering next generation smart homes in North of Goa and smart premium suites in Darjeeling. Having established itself a top developer in Goa, Axis Ecorp is building high quality luxury smart villas in the north of Goa. These villas not only have a private pool and all smart features but also an EV charging station, which makes them as future ready as they can be.

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