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Five Reasons to Invest In Real Estate During Navratri

Five Reasons to Invest In Real Estate During Navratri — Axis Ecorp

Oct 8, 2021

People invest to build wealth, build corpus funds, and get tax benefits. While there are various ways of accomplishing one’s financial goals, real estate investment has been the top choice of investors. Real estate is a one-stop solution for anyone looking for an investment plan that is less risky and high on returns. Its simple mechanism is another thing that makes it a lucrative investment option. An investor doesn’t need to be an expert in finance or business to understand the intricacies of the real estate market. Despite various investment options, real estate continues to maintain its legacy.

Given that real estate is a long term investment and people get into it for a long term, they prefer to do so during an auspicious time, Navratri is one such time, where people like to invest in real estate.

Here are the top reasons why real estate is the evergreen investment option

While for consumer durables, the festive period starts around the time of Onam but it is only after Shrad ends that people gear up to do any major shopping. During Navratri people fast and seek blessing of Ma Durga. It is celebrated with much fervour around the country. It is believed that the investments done during this time, bring in better results and thus people wait for Navratri to make any significant investment.

2) Deal and Offers

Many real estate developers also offer various deals to consumers. They try and sweeten the deal to encourage more buyers to invest in real estate.

As compared to its counterparts, real estate is a sound and secure investment option. Even for investment newbies, it’s a safe harbour to anchor money.

The real estate industry remains largely unaffected by the volatility in the market. In contrast to stocks and mutual funds, it often delivers high returns and assured gains. In the stock market, the value of a stock might come down to zero within no time, but with real estate, that can never happen. In the long term, investment in real estate is bound to give fabulous returns with no or negligible risk.

Tax advantages continue to be the primary and most powerful benefit of investing in real estate. When you live in a house that you have bought, you get multiple tax benefits and exemptions. Investors, who aim at reducing tax liability and increasing profits, prefer to buy a home on loan. The practice opens a treasure chest of tax benefits. Investors exercise various methods to mitigate certain tax obligations like property taxes and mortgage interest payments. Another popular investment strategy is the 1031 exchange. In this, investors sell a property and use the gains to purchase another similar property. Such exchange helps them defer tax over capital gain. Investing in real estate continues to be one of the best methods to build wealth and cut taxes.

5) Rate of Interest

This year the rate of interest on home loans is the lowest it has been in the last 15 years. Some of the banks are already advertising about offering a home loan for as low as 6.50%. It is a great time to take advantage of these offers and buy a dream abode.

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