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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -- Henry Ford

We live by this quote. Our team is like a self-fuelling engine and each and every member plays an active part in every aspect of the group. Ideas are always welcome, opinions are appreciated and concepts are treasured. Our team has diverse experience in many fields which eventually helps us in achieving the impossible. The Team is expert in their domains and are absolute professionals with Avant-Garde work ethics.

  • Raj Kushwaha

    Raj Kushwaha


    Mr. Kushwaha is a pioneer in Technical Education and founder of Axis chain of Colleges. The campus of Axis College in Kanpur is spread over 63 acres. The college is a leader in Integrated Technical Education and Management. Mr. Kushwaha’s vision is unparallel and he makes sure that his expertise gives value to all businesses alike. His leadership style is participative and he values inputs by one and all.

  • Jayprakash Maurya

    Jayprakash Maurya

    Director Compliance

    Since 1981, Mr. Maurya has been shaping the modern Indian lifestyle. With a vision of changing India’s construction and hospitality landscape, he has reached new heights in the fields of licensing and compliance. Mr. Jayprakash Maurya has been part of several success stories regarding development of various projects in Western and Northern region of India.

  • Devesh Kumar

    Devesh Kumar

    Director Sales and Marketing

    Mr. Kumar has over 22 years of proven track in BFSI, International operations, Pharmaceuticals Startups and Express Service Industry. He is a strategic planner and has time and again proved his abilities in managing business operations and designing strategies. Mr. Kumar has been operational in leading many teams to success. His success stories are revolutionary and are a testament of his relentless persistence to achieve the unachievable.

  • Praveen Kushwaha

    Praveen Kushwaha

    Director Operations

    Mr. Praveen Kushwaha has an engineering degree in Information technology and has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in software development, product planning and execution. He brings an understanding of large scale operational strategy while demonstrating grit in getting the job done. During his career till now, Praveen has been using gold standard practices to set new benchmarks for his competition.

  • Aditya Kushwaha

    Aditya Kushwaha

    Director Finance

    Master of data analysis, Mr. Aditya Kushwaha has over 15 years of experience in Finance and project execution. Mr Kushwaha brings in his even-killed approach to working with stake holders throughout the business. He has temperament of steel and his charismatic nature makes him a loved individual among all. He has great insight abilities and can create wonders when presented with data.

  • Jyoti Aggarwal

    Jyoti Aggarwal

    Executive Director

    Ms. Aggarwal has a rich experience of 13 years in the field of Accounts and Finance. She lives by the mantra “Success comes from having dreams that are bigger than your fears".

  • Surbhi S Arora

    Surbhi S Arora

    Executive Director Sales & CRM

    Ms. Arora is ambitious and driven by passion. She comes with 11 years of successful experience in the field of CRM and has a master degree from Symbiosis Pune. She thrives on challenge and constantly sets goals for herself. She is not comfortable with settling, and she is always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greater heights.

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At Axis Ecorp, we firmly believe that there is no shortcut to success. The Group’s endeavours reflect the value we place in building long-term relationships, offering personalised and transparent services, and staying ahead of the competition.

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