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NRI are inclining towards commercial real estate

October 03, 2023

Indian real estate is at an interesting juncture. While there are headwinds, such as the growing cost of raw materials and increasing loan rates, there is also an increasing interest from the NRIs. A recent survey has revealed that the NRIs are inclining more towards commercial real estate in a bid to diversify their portfolio and maximise their returns.

According to a poll conducted by SB NRI, a business that provides investment and consulting services to NRIs, there is an increased desire for real estate investment among NRIs. The survey also points out that over 52% of NRIs are considering investing in commercial real estate (CRE) to diversify their portfolio. This also demonstrates that commercial real estate has become one of the most desired asset classes for NRIs. Along with this, the report has also projected that Indian real estate will witness a healthy growth rate of 9.2 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during 2023-2028.

Bifurcating on the investment portfolio of NRI, the report mentions that approximately 18 per cent of NRIs are strongly inclined towards investing in the commercial realty segment, while 9 per cent prefer to invest in the residential segment for a diversified investment portfolio. There is also a growing interest of NRIs towards fractional ownership emerging in India, CRE investments have become the most sought-after investment for the NRIs.

The changes in the norms and ease of ownership are a couple of factors that have fueled the trend. NRIs from US and Australia are leading the way when it comes to investment in commercial real estate. The survey has shed light that almost NRIs from these region made 4 per cent of investments in the commercial realty segment as compared to 3.40 per cent in the residential segment.

There is also an increasing interest of NRIs in serviced Villas and smart suites. Axis Ecorp, which is the most trusted real estate player in the Goa region has excellent options for NRIs. All the properties that Axis Ecorp offers be Axis Blues, Axi Lake City or Axis Yog Villas are all commercial real estate. They are NRI friendly as they offer amenities that this target group are looking for. For the convicience of the buyers, there are services being offered so that maintaining these properties is a totally hassle free experience.

Situated in North of Goa, the properties are easily accessible from the Panjim airport as well as the MOPA airport. These properties can be easily rented out when not in use so NRIs can easily use them as a second home during their stay in India and give it out for long term stay or as rent as they deem fit.

So if you are looking to make most of the trend by investing in commercial real estate that offers good returns, then invest with Axis Ecorp today.

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